Friday, November 18, 2011

9.00 – 10.00.   Registration: Assembly Hall Area, (Universytets’ka 1)

10.00-12.00.    Opening Plenary: Assembly Hall (Universytets’ka 1)
Words of Welcome:
Dr. Lina Hlushchenko, Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Foreign Languages;
Dr. Roman Dudok, Head of the Department of Foreign Languages for Humanities.

Bojana Petrić (Univ. of Essex, UK). Current Issues in TEAW;
Anna Niżegorodcew (Jagiellonian Univ/, Kraków, Poland). Sources and Resources: Developing Students’ Awareness of the Use of Sources in English Academic Writing.

12.00-12.30.   Coffee break

12.30-14.00. Opening Plenary
Lukasz Salski (Univ. of Lodz, Poland). Academic Writing is Also Writing;
Yaroslava Fedoriv (National Univ. of “Kyiv-Mohyla Academy”, Kyiv, Ukraine). Academic Argument: A Cross-Cultural Approach;
Anna Berestowska (Univ. of Lodz, Poland). Teaching Academic Skills to B. A. Students.

14.00-15.00. Lunch (Universy canteen, (Universytets’ka 1, ground floor)

15.00-16.00. Workshops (Universytets’ka 1)
Carol Haddaway (Universytets’ka 1, r. 301). Teaching academic writing: A process of discovery
Robin Bellers (Universytets’ka 1, r. 312). Analyzing genres ‒ evaluative texts
Yaroslava Fedoriv, Nataliya Solomashenko, Mariya Fedoriv (Universytets’ka 1, r. 305). Mother tongue interference in EFL academic writing: NAUKMA case study

16.15-17.15.   Workshops
John Harbord (Universytets’ka 1, r. 301). Using classroom genre analysis to promote macro writing skills
Damian Finnegan, Asko Kauppinen, Anna Wärnsby (Universytets’ka 1, r. 312). E-platforms for teaching academic writing
Eszter Timár (Universytets’ka 1, r. 305). Teaching the statement of purpose as a vital genre

Saturday, November 19, 2011

9.00.-10.00.   Registration

10.00-13.00.   Concurrent Sessions 1, 2, 4 (Universytets’ka 1, r. 407a, 433, 405)

10.00-10.45.    Workshop
Natalia Diachuk (Universytets’ka 1, r. 425). Writing with and about a film

11.-13.00.       Session 3 (Universytets’ka 1, r. 425)

13.00-14.00.   Coffee break / Lunch break

14.00-15.30.   Closing session (Mirror Hall)

17.00-20.00.   Conference dinner (the Citadel restaurant)