It has rightly been said, “A speech is not merely an essay standing on its hind legs.” If speakers observed this rule, academic conferences and meetings would be more valuable and enjoyable. This workshop, “Strategizing Conference Presentations,” will focus on the differences between oral and written discourse, the expectations and needs of conference audiences, and practical advice on making successful conference presentations. Participants are encouraged to bring a copy of one of their own conference papers to the workshop.

The workshop will be presented by Dr. Michael J. Hostetler, an associate professor of Rhetoric and Public Address at St. Johns University in Jamaica, New York. He is currently a visiting Fulbright Professor at the Department of Journalism at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv. Dr. Hostetler is also a past editor of the Journal, Qualitative Research Reports in Communication. His research interests are in nineteenth century American political rhetoric and the rhetoric of politics and religion.

Presenter: Dr. Michael J. Hostetler

Starting time: 3 pm

Workshop duration: 90 minutes

Number of participants is limited to 15 people