Rules for Writers. – Fourth Edition 
Hacker D.
Boston: Bedford/St. Martin’s
Rules for Writers is another writing guide that can serve as a valuable resource for all those who aim at developing and improving English writing skills. As other handbooks on writing, it considers such common issues as the writing process, grammar, punctuation, document design, and principles of doing research. It also offers descriptions of MLA and APA referencing formats commonly used in the humanities. The book is marked by a clear structure and comprehensive explanations.


The Scribner Handbook for Writers. – Fourth Edition
DiYanni R., Hoy II P. C.
New York: Pearson
This is a comprehensive handbook for writers in English (including nonnative speakers), which provides different kinds of assistance and helpful suggestions. It consists of nine parts covering such themes, as connection between reading and writing, development of paragraphs, grammar issues, sentence structure and style, choice of appropriate words, punctuation, doing and writing up research, and producing special texts like business letters or examination essays. It also provides advice on Internet search and composition of texts for the World Wide Web. Although this is primarily a reference material, it contains different exercises that can be used in the classroom.


The New Century Handbook. – Third Edition
Hult C. A., Huckin T. N.
New York: Pearson


Reference Guide to English: A Handbook of English as a Second Language 
Maclin A.
Washington: USIA
The Reference Guide to English is an excellent resource for nonnative speakers of English. The book focuses on all aspects of grammar and usage and also covers major language problems that arise in the writing in an academic or business setting. The items in the book are arranged alphabetically, which is very convenient for users. A comprehensive index makes search of any question an easy task.