Center for English-language Academic and Cross-Cultural Communication is a structural unit of the Ivan Franko National University of Lviv operating on the basis of the Faculty of Foreign Languages. The Regulations on the Center came into force following the Rector’s decree of 02.02.2022.

The Center aims to develop skills, improve competencies, study and implement best practices of English-language academic and cross-cultural communication among students, teachers, researchers, and employees of the University by providing effective educational solutions.

The main tasks of the Center are:

  • organization of scientific-practical seminars, training sessions, lectures, thematic workshops, and educational courses on English-language academic and cross-cultural communication
  • development and implementation of training certification programs
  • conducting research and implementation of research and innovation projects
  • initiation, coordination, and holding of various scientific and practical conferences (international, national, etc.)
  • forming and developing strategic partnerships with centers of academic communication and cross-cultural studies of leading universities in the EU and the world
  • development of teaching materials and textbooks, preparation of translations, and publication of books
  • development of proposals, methodological recommendations, and the provision of systematic consulting services for the improvement of syllabi and the teaching of subjects in English
  • initiation, organization, and support of English-language educational programs at the University
  • advising on preparation for international certification exams and English language tests and testing of English language proficiency
  • conducting methodological activities and training programs for representatives of other higher education institutions
  • preparation of webinars and mass online open courses
  • conducting distance learning courses
  • consultations on writing and preparing articles for international scientometric journals
  • creating a platform for multidisciplinary events and interdisciplinary discussions
  • collaborating with representatives of the creative industries and industry experts
  • promotion of the idea of learning academic skills and abilities of English-speaking oral and written communication
  • providing consultations and cooperation with other departments of the University in conducting international events, implementing international projects and grant programs


Where we are:Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, Universytetska St. 1,
Room 237,
Lviv, Ukraine, 79000